Saturday 22 November 2008 11 A.M.

Willie Templeton and his guests appeared at the Campus bookstore talking about how organizations are preparing for another "great migration" from rural Alaska to urban Alaska...namely Anchorage.

Life has become harder, living out in the villages. The gas prices this past summer went way past four dollars a gallon. With many communities getting gas when the rivers were open they paid even more this year for the gas or heating oil.

With the staples in stores also going up in price many people may make the decision to move to Anchorage where prices are high but not as high as they are in the village.

I don't know if families will make this major step because it costs money to move too.

Do I think that a great migration will happen? Yes, maybe. Look at the village of Igiugiak - they were in danger of closing their school because they did not have enough kids enrolled (10) to keep the school open. Well the village attracted a family to move there with 4 more kids - then they were able to keep the school.
What would have happened if they could not have found a family? How dependent is the school on the community? How much does the school involve the community?
I would like to know more.

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